Many times we have started a painting project and realized the need for additional work to make the painting project complete. The most common professional handyman services requested on exterior work is wood repair or replacement. The weather is hard on the exterior surfaces which can cause wood rot and the need for the wood to be replaced. We also offer many other home repairs that you can use before the painting project begins.

Professional home repairs on the exterior of your house or business

Have you ever started a painting project and realized there are additional repairs needed before the painting project can begin? Instead of calling painting contractors and handyman companies to do the entire project we can be your one source for the entire job. Since Area Wide Painting also offers handyman repairs your project will run much smoother. Avoid coordinating two or three contractors when you can use our service for the entire project.

Complete repairs on the interior of your house or business

Before starting your interior painting project you may need additional repairs before the project begins. Anything from wallpaper removal to drywall repairs must be performed before the painting begins. Since we can complete many additional repairs needed for project you can continue moving forward without coordinating several contractors. Trying to coordinate several projects at the same time can be time-consuming and in many cases delay the entire project.

Let Area Wide Painting be your complete interior and exterior painting specialist.