With the combination of great service and quality workmanship our company can provide you with the best painting experience. Serving the Dayton Ohio area and the surrounding suburbs for almost 20 years our company can provide you with the fantastic service we have given to so many of our past customers. There are so many residential painting contractors to choose from make sure you choose a company with our experience to complete your next painting project within budget and the quality you deserve.

Proper prep work makes for a long-lasting paint job

The are many companies that offer interior and exterior painting services, but using a company that takes pride in preparing the surfaces correctly will assure a longer lasting paint job. Exterior homes are much more prone to paint failure if not prepared properly. We use the correct procedures when removing loose paint and the proper primers to assure the longest lasting paint job possible. Improperly removing loose paint or using improper primers will shorten the life or your exterior paint job.

We have painted thousands of homes in the Dayton Ohio area and the surrounding cities over the course of the last 20 years

Due to our experience we have learned over the years from using various painting techniques we have perfected our exterior house painting to bring you the best painting service possible. Our service has expanded to include the following: interior painting, exterior painting, deck and fence staining, aluminum siding painting, cedar staining, wallpaper removal, drywall repairs, and handyman services. We offer the full solution for all of your interior and exterior painting needs.

No need for a down payment on our painting services

We believe you should not have to incur expenses on your painting project before the project begins. As always we complete the entire painting project to your complete satisfaction before the payment is collected. Most painting contractors require a down payment before the painting project begins. Why should you have to pay for interior and exterior painting services before the project is even started? Call Area Wide Painting today for the best service and workmanship.