Interior Painting Process

1.   Professional Color Consultation

A color specialist will set up an appointment to help you pick out your paint colors.  They will bring you a large selection of color charts and give you assistance on helping you choose paint colors.

2.   Setup

The furniture is moved away from the walls.  All the floors and furniture are covered with plastic.  All outlet covers are removed.  Certain sections of the house are completed before moving into other areas to avoid disruption.

3.   Surface Preparation is Essential

Nail holes and drywall patching is completed before the painting begins.  Any cracks or gaps are caulked to assure a neat paint job.  All stains are sealed with oil base primer to prevent the stain from bleeding through the new paint.

4.   Painting

We use premium paint to assure easier cleaning and to help assure your paint job looks great for years.  All areas will receive an even coat of paint to assure a longer lasting paint job.  The proper steps are taken to assure the paint job meets the customers’ expectations.

5.   Clean-Up

All the rooms are cleaned and organized daily to assure a presentable jobsite.  All the equipment and materials are properly stored at the end of the work day to help avoid disruption.  When the job is finished, all the equipment is removed and the furniture is moved back into position.

6.   Completed Paint Job

The job is inspected and touched up where needed.  The homeowner then examines and approves the job.